Review: D20 Cavalier’s Handbook

The LiveJournal blogger Tallforadwarf has posted a new review of D20 Cavalier’s Handbook, a supplement for the D20 System published several years ago by Green Ronin:

The Good: For your money you get two versions of the cavalier, one for both fantasy D20 and D20 modern. That’s great and I’m surprised more books haven’t done this (yet D20 modern was woefully under-supported and multi-game supplements sell notoriously badly). You also get a bunch of new feats, magic items, etc., most of which are non-cavalier specific, and will be of use to any character interested in riding or leadership-type stuff. There are also fantastic sections, including plenty of random charts, for players to roll up family histories, create semi-historically accurate coats-of-arms, found and join orders (complete with ideas on turning the order into a PrC of sorts), and some nice roleplay advice for characters trying to adhere to a code of honor. …

The Bad: As predicted, the [prestige classes] are mostly wasted space. Many of the ideas are too similar, just recycled with a different alignment, or don’t really provide any exciting hooks for your game. Severely overshadowed by both the core material (Sister of Sidhe is for Elven cavaliers, but could be much better represented by Arcane Archers with mounted feats), and the new rules for orders presented in the book. We’re not talking “Stormlord” levels of crap, but just nothing all that great.

During the D20 boom, Green Ronin consistently produced good supplements for its Freeport setting and other lines. Most of its books can be picked up on eBay and from other sources extremely cheap.

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